Do you love stories?

I love creating fascinating characters and seeing them come alive in new worlds. Ever since I could read, I’ve enjoyed immersing myself in epic fantasy, but I also love a short, breath-stealing story under 100 words. Curious about flash fiction? Visit my blog & read a story or two.

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Unusual Diction: A Collection of Character-Driven Flash Fiction

Unusual Diction is a collection of 100-word flash fiction stories from a variety of genres, including fantasy, steampunk, science fiction and horror.

Here’s an excerpt from Twice-Born, one of the stories included in the collection:

All the twice-born girls were shackled at their first blood. Silvery iron, so thin it could have been mere spiderweb, linked every girl to a watcher. Beauty came with first birth, but the power, able to destroy man and worlds, unravel even time, came with the second. It was for this, that the watchers were bound to the earth-breakers.