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I love creating fascinating characters and building strange and vivid worlds. I especially love to create female characters who are often defiant, driven and have a penchant for knives. When I’m not working on a new novel, I enjoy writing 100-word flash fiction stories. Visit my blog to read some of these stories, or to find out what I’m up to. 🙂 

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A girl seeking a wish from the Night Queen. A gunslinger dispensing justice with her spell-wrapped revolver. Lawbringer and A Wish in the Dark are two short fantasy stories, inspired by fairy tales. Sign up for my newsletter and I’ll send both to you for free! 


an excerpt from Lawbringer

There’s a rustling sound in the darkness, a shift of fabric against stone, and Revelyn flicks the fingers of her left hand to summon light. Glowing sparks shoot upwards from the tips of her fingers, and arrange themselves in a twisting halo, chasing the darkness to the corners of the large room.

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Hi! I’m Holly.

I love creating fascinating characters and seeing them come alive in new worlds. Ever since I could read, I’ve enjoyed immersing myself in epic fantasy, but I also love a short, breath-stealing story under 100 words. 

Unusual Diction, my first self-published book, is a collection of some of my favorite flash fiction stories that I’ve written, featuring numerous fascinating characters and vivid worlds. I’ve included my favorite genre, fantasy, as well as science fiction, steampunk, and horror.

Sound like something you’d enjoy? You can check out my book here. I also release new flash fiction weekly on my blog

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